Dan Petito

Mass Effect’s Galaxy Map Music Is Still Perfect

The one thing Andromeda got right

If you’re reading this it means you like pleasant-sounding things. Kudos to you, I like pleasant-sounding things to!

There are many pleasant-sounding things in the Mass Effect universe, but none of them close to the level of pleasant than the wondrous sounds of its galaxy map music. The galaxy map is your path to explore a lush and expansive galaxy, and the size of that galaxy is overwhelming—the farthest corners visibly within reach but not yet quite penetrable due to fuel or relay constraints.

As you engage your map the chatter on-board the Normandy slowly fades; cue the pleasant-sounding things.

Mass Effect 2 Galaxy Theme:

The galaxy map initially succeeds at making you feel small and insignificant, a tiny blip within a diversely vast galaxy in turmoil; but once the music kicks in, those feelings of insignificance quickly transform into feelings of purpose and indisputable optimism. Sure, you still feel really small—and you are—but pleasant-sounding things! There are even pleasant-sounding things in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Andromeda was not a good game but if it nailed anything, as you can probably guess, it was the galaxy map music. If you’ve played the games, you know. If you haven’t, you can feel the sense of wonder this music so perfectly represents. As you jump from planet-to-planet, system-to-system, you’re consumed by it. No matter how daunting the task ahead, the galaxy map music reminds you everything will be okay.

Mass Effect Andromeda Galaxy Theme:


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