Dan Petito

The Amnesia Collection Is Free On Playstation+ (And You Should Play It)

Because who hates free games?

I know, you don’t like being told what to do. But the Amnesia Collection is free for Playstation Plus members this month so if you like really good (and really creepy) games that don’t cost any money, you’re welcome.

With Halloween on the horizon the common routine is to watch lots of horror movies (I’ve been doing that to). Similarly—because a good nights sleep is overrated—I’ve been replaying some classic survival-horror games.¬†After scrolling through October’s free games The Amnesia Collection was at the top of the list.

The collection bundles The Dark Descent with A Machine For Pigs (a good but not great follow-up) and Dark Descent’s impressive expansion Amnesia: Justine. If you haven’t played these games–and you like horror games in the vein of Outlast and Alien: Isolation–this is very much a collection you should play.

Dark Descent and A Machine For Pigs are mainly stealth-focused (hence the above comparisons), substituting running and hiding for combat; game mechanics that aren’t typical but most prevalent within the horror genre.

What are some of your favorite survival-horror games?




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