Dan Petito Stories

To The Hunter That Helped Me Beat The Watchdog In Bloodborne

You are selfless, you are good.


I don’t know who you are, but thank you. You could have beaten the Watchdog of the Old Lords and never looked back and I wouldn’t have blamed you for it. The fact that you didn’t, dear hunter, is why I thank you. The Defiled Chalice Dungeon in Bloodborne is no doubt a place where bad people go when they die. I was pretty rattled by the -50% health debuff, forcing me to again question my approach of how to best balance patience and aggression in Bloodborne combat. I thought I had it down but—as I’m sure you know–everything changed with this boss.

I’ve always been reluctant to summon help in souls games. Up until this point I’ve beaten them all by myself, but this one really broke me. I’ve had my struggles in previous Souls games, but there was still a sense of fairness to those fights; you could make a mistake and still rally back from it. With the Watchdog, you cannot. Eventually I got more and more frustrated, closer and closer to a decisive ringing of the summoning bell. Retreating to the all-knowing internet, I hurried to validate or poke holes in my strategy. Frustratingly, it turned out I was doing mostly everything right. Everything I read and watched emphasized patience (which I knew) but easier said than done. The more I failed the easier it became to fall victim to bad tactics.

So I rang the bell. You arrived in a slick-looking Gascione garb, Ludwig’s Holy Blade resting on your shoulder. We greeted each other with a wave then promptly stormed the boss room to slay the beast. For the first time in a while I approached the Watchdog fog door with a renewed sense of optimism. It didn’t feel like a cheap victory either. You mostly distracted the Watchdog and hit him when you had an opening, but it still felt like my fight. If this was your intention you’re an even kinder human than I’m making you out to be. I wanted to let you know I’ve since helped others get through this fight. I felt it was required of me, as you may have felt it was required of you; I hope the people I helped through also pay it forward.

So thank you again, hunter. You are selfless, and you are good.






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