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Chris: Kingdom Hearts And FF X Got Me Interested In Music

Many thanks to Kim at Later Levels for spreading the word to her followers here and on Twitter. Thank you again, Kim, you are the kindest person I’ve never met.

As a result of Kim’s kindness we heard from Chris over at the OverThinker Y blog about one of his fonder gaming memories. We all have different experiences with games but—in Chris’s case—two games in particular played a role in developing his interest in music.

“KH and Final Fantasy X between them got me interested in music in general, especially soundtrack music, and I took up piano specifically to learn tracks from them. I even took music in college purely so I’d get a chance to write a project on my favourite gaming music! These days I’m not as musical as I’d like to be, but I do compose for my blog in a sort of OST-like style.”

Be sure to follow Chris and his increasingly stellar Musical Mayhem series. Chris chats with friends and fellow gamers about music and games and composes a special track for them. I like special tracks and will likely be chatting with Chris soon.

Here’s the latest song from his Musical Mayhem series and chat with Neko Jonez. Spoiler: It’s pretty rad.


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