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Sammy: Undertale Reminded Me To Be Nice

Can't we all just get along?

Besides being a very good video game, Undertale is about choosing to be a really good person or a certifiable jerk—that was how I described it to a friend looking for my take on the game.

Certainly, there’s a lot more to Undertale than that. The music is superb and it’s bursting with heart and unforgettable characters. In addition to all of that, we heard from Sammy over the weekend about her experience with Undertale and how it has changed her perspective on meeting new people.

I live in New York City, a place where everyone stares at the ground when they walk the streets and generally carry around a contagious ‘leave me alone’ type attitude. Having lived here for the past five years I’ve adopted this stigma. I’m quick to judge a book by its cover and often not give people the benefit of the doubt. Sure I have a good core group of friends, but I know I’ve lost opportunities to make new ones because of my rush to judgement when meeting new people. Undertale changed that, and I’m thankful.

In Undertale, even the scariest and most intimidating thing blocking your way can turn out to be a friend.

Thank you to Sammy for sharing.



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