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Creep 2 Is Not A Horror Movie, And It Doesn’t Try To Be

A sequel unlike most sequels

As explained in the bio section of the site, sometimes I write about other things besides video games. This is one of those times.

Creep 2 at its core is a love story, not a horror movie. The apparent lonely (and extremely vulnerable) Aaron feeling dangerously unfulfilled, and the desperate Ashley, struggling to find an ideal subject for Encounters, her passion-project web series documenting Craigslist posters seeking companionship online. Encounters is not good.

To add some context to it all, the original Creep was about a really creepy guy named Josef. Josef puts out an ad on Craigslist seeking a videographer for a single days work, offering $1,000 in return. Aaron accepts Josef’s request. Josef kills Aaron. We find out at the end of Creep, as you may know already, that Josef was taking on the names of the people he had previously killed. So, in continued creepy fashion, Creep 2 is now about a really creepy guy named Aaron.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.42.58 PM
It didn’t seem right to not put this picture somewhere

Apart from a modestly unsettling opening, Creep 2 transitions into an unexpectedly weird but somehow still satisfying and interesting story, completely divorcing itself from typical horror movie tropes and spotlighting an oddly born relationship between two people who are truly lost; Aaron much more so than Sara.

Sara has decided to quit pursuing her web series—basically coming to terms with the fact that it isn’t very good—and Aaron seems (somewhat) genuinely compelled to hire a videographer through Craigslist and not kill them. It appears being an accomplished murderer starts to take a toll on you, and Aaron sees Sara as a means of coming clean.

With mild trepidation Sara agrees to meet Aaron and they begin to develop an interest in each other; if only because they both represent what the other is ultimately seeking; a vulnerable Aaron an outlet to share his dark and brutal past, and Sara, the potential encounter breakthrough of a lifetime.

Sara isn’t too quick to accept Aaron’s terrifying confession. Eventually, for the sake of the story, she goes along with it. It’s with Sara’s empathy (real or not) that Aaron takes a surprising turn, feeling things he later shares he’s never felt before. In many ways Creep 2 is about Aaron’s doorway to emotion; emotions not felt through the course of killing 37 people, but felt through the process of reflection and the presence of sincere companionship. Sara is that doorway to those missing feelings and, as a result of that, he falls in love with her.

There’s a point where Aaron is sitting naked in a hot tub telling Sara he no longer wants to live. Sara responds by stepping into the hot tub and embracing Aaron, giving him a shoulder to cry on, something Aaron’s never really had before. Now this isn’t an attempt to make everyone feel bad for Aaron. He’s still a really huge asshole that killed lots of people; but this is what Creep 2 is. Creep 2 is not a horror movie, and it didn’t have to be to be really good.











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