Dan Petito

Day 2: Killing Predator In Ghost Recon: Wildlands (Success…)

Would rather be pushing pencils

Predator is dead.

Main Takeaway: I used to think lasers were cool. Now, having been killed by one over and over and over again, I no longer think this.

Second Takeaway:¬†Given the relative speed of beating this event, perhaps a captain’s log chronicling the quest was completely unnecessary.

So if you read the Day 1 log you’ll know that run was unsuccessful in all the worst possible ways. To summarize, Predator appears more frequently the more cumulative damage you do to it and, as you can probably guess, its attacks increase in power/variety and it generally just becomes a much bigger asshole — and a really unfair asshole.

After beating this I’ve realized the idea of a timed event where you need to kill Predator is much more interesting than what it ultimately ended up being. Overall, the event was mostly an exploitation of the lack of one basic gameplay element not built into the game—evading. Don’t get me wrong, I never really felt the need to roll or evade (though it would have been nice) in the base game; Ghost Recon mostly encourages stealth over shootouts, although it’s really up to you how you want to approach the games’ various zones.

I prioritized stealth, but to say I’ve never driven an armored tank straight into a heavily guarded enemy base and blew everyone and everything into oblivion would be a flat-out lie. A rolling mechanic¬†mechanic, or lack thereof, plays too heavily into the complete bullshit and unfairness of this fight. If Predator aims its laser at you while you’re reviving another teammate, you will die. If Predator aims its laser at you while you’re not behind cover (which is pretty much all the time), you will die. The fact that you can’t evade or roll is just plain unfair.

None of this is applicable, however, when playing with the computer. Predator doesn’t shoot the computer while they’re reviving teammates. Also, you can just let the computer revive people and never have to risk getting lasered (which you will, every time). Resorting to trying to beat this with the computer and very quickly succeeding is bullshit, especially considering this is a game that encourages cooperative play. All things considered I spent way too much time on this. The allure of a Predator event far outweighed what it actually turned out to be, and I look forward to never playing the Ghost Recon: Wildlands Predator timed event ever again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go do something else that isn’t this, forever.

*If you are still looking to try this I believe there are four days left on the event. My best suggestion would be to play something else…like, anything else*


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