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There’s A Nod To Independence Day In Far Cry 5

I started off writing about video games. Then I wrote about a movie that turns the wearer of a mysterious clown costume into a flesh-eating clown demon. Naturally that led to writing about things like Point Break fridge magnets (the only fridge magnets that matter), and then Deep Blue Sea 2. What all of this really adds up to is my formal admission that The Couch Petito has turned into an unpredictable, many-headed beast; I’ve recently come to terms with embracing this.

Now that we’ve arrived at irreversible clarity, I opened my Far Cry 5 save last week. My hope was that booting it back up after some time off would re-spark my interest but that was not the case, until I reached the aliens side quest.

You will come across these missions in John’s Region at Parker Laboratories, located west of Fall’s End in Holland Valley. You can access the quest line at any time and it starts with bumping into an oddly familiar looking NPC named Larry Parker. When you first meet Parker he’s trapped inside of an electricity bubble. My first thought as I started an attempt at dismantling the bubble was that — besides my initial surprise of seeing a man trapped in an electricity bubble in the middle of the wilderness — if I never come here this poor man would be trapped in this nightmare bubble forever.

As I approached Parker, now free from the bubble of electric death, I couldn’t help but notice a blatant resemblance to another squirrely looking guy who also knows a thing or two about aliens; that guy being Dr. Brakish Okun from Independence Day. If you don’t believe me just look below.


Whether or not it was intentional, this makes me happy. For all we know Larry Parker goes on to become the Director of Research at Area 51.







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