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As Promised, Here Are The Best JCVD Photos On The Internet

This was important work

[Update: Apologies for the image structure translating poorly on mobile (and borderline adequately on desktop). I’m not great at WordPress, but I’m getting better]

The internet is a big place. Thankfully, through years of consuming Jean Claude Van Damme content in all its various forms, I’ve bookmarked a few things that I have always found equal parts hilarious and legitimately cool (mostly hilarious). You may view the latter point as debatable after looking through the images, and that’s totally fine. Just keep it to yourself, though, because you’re wrong.

In addition to some phenomenal photos I already knew about, I came across some pretty fantastic images of JCVD through a general Google image search. These photos aren’t really much of a secret, but I suppose I’m one of few bozos out there compelled enough to curate them in a selfishly selected order. So, to the extent that you have any interest whatsoever, here are the best photos of Jean Claude Van Damme on the internet (according to me).


This was important work.



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