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Nic Cage Attire For The Mandy Premieres Has Been Exceptional

There’s a new Nic Cage movie out; a phrase said so often it’s almost not considered news anymore. Since I’m not here to talk about Mandy — which is bonkers and really really good —- I’ll leave you with this recent headline that sums the movie up pretty nicely (via Vulture):

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 3.01.37 PM

Having been following this movie for a while, along with director Panos Cosmatos’ previous work, a flood of news and photos popping up in my inbox from the premieres of Mandy was inevitable. After seeing some of the photos I was reminded just how cool Nic Cage is; specifically around his general taste in attire. Now, because it just seemed to make sense, I’ve sifted diligently through some of the Mandy premiere photos. As you probably guessed, the results are pretty great.

One day I hope to look as fly as Nic Cage does.




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