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The Couch Petito Has Been A Thing For One Year (And 76 Days)

Better really really late than never

I put off blogging a lot. A perfect example would be this post; a post about one year (and 76 days) of the Couch Petito being a thing.

A lot’s been covered over this past year (and 76 days). From reflecting on my first play-through of Resident Evil and never being able to look at doors the same way again, to writing about movies you should by no means ever waste your time and see; I’ll never forgive myself for watching the remake of Point Break.

Looking forward, there’s a lot I want to write about. The Night Comes For Us comes immediately to mind, but writing about that movie alone without spotlighting it’s director and his other films would be a harsh disservice—Timo Tjahjanto is one of the best genre filmmakers out there right now. If you haven’t seen Macabre, you should. If you haven’t seen Killers, you should. If you haven’t seen Headshot, yes, you should. That’s a lengthy post for another day. If the timing of this article is any indication I’ll probably end up putting that off, too.

It’s easy to default to playing and watching things versus writing about them. The good thing is I’ve been watching a lot and playing a lot lately, so more to come. Thanks to everyone who has sat on the couch in one way or the other this past year (and 76 days). For those who follow I’ve followed back and sincerely enjoy reading what you’re all putting out there. Getting more involved with the community, as I’ve touched on many times before, is something I’m trying to get better at. After all, that’s what makes this all worth doing.





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