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Stuff I Found In My Attic, Ranked

What's in the box?!

I recently came to realize — after going through a pile of boxes tucked away in my attic — that I own two copies of the 1996 tornado-chasing thriller Twister on VHS. In a lot of ways this doesn’t surprise me.

Most of what I found shouldn’t surprise me; especially the fact that the second copy of Twister was a TV recording on an RCA tape, later found in the 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain box. Seeing the two copies of Twister prompted me to dig deeper and I found some pretty interesting stuff. Since going through all of it and seeing just how much of it there actually is, I decided to rank the top ten; number one being the most surprising thing that surfaced and, by far, the coolest. Shame on me for leaving all of this behind for so long.

10. A Nightmare on Elm Street (VHS)I had the entire box set but Freddy’s Revenge, Dream Master, Dream Child and Freddy’s Dead were nowhere to be found. That leaves me with the best three, and that’s great news.

9. Case Logic Gaming BagI’m not entirely sure why I included this. Good for carrying gaming things.

8. Michael Jordan Starting Lineup Rookie Collectible: Sports memorabilia was in its own separate box sandwiched between games and movies so it made sense to go through it; if only because of its proximity to everything else. There weren’t many of these collectibles made and both the figure and cards are in pretty great condition. Not to mention the Joe DiMaggio autograph next to it reading, “Marc and Danny, good luck with all your baseball.” Thanks, Joe. (Pictured below)

7. Vintage Black Power Ranger Action Figure: It’s missing the gun but this thing has been tucked away for a very long time. So long that the gun surprises me as being the only thing it’s missing. The equally cool Captain Planet figure was also considered but his leg broke shortly before writing this post, which is obvious grounds for disqualification.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures: Samurai Leo and Space Raphael are especially cool, but Casey Jones was a fantastic surprise find. (Pictured below)

5. Tekken 3: By far my favorite Tekken game. Tekken Ball and Tekken Force were great additions, Force being the coolest thing the franchise has ever done. Tekken Force hasn’t appeared in recent Tekken entries, which is dumb and makes no sense.

4. Turbo American Gladiators Figure: I’m just fascinated to see that I own a Turbo American Gladiators action figure. (Pictured below)

3. Mortal Kombat 2 Strategy GuideIf you wanted to know how to do all of the fatalities you needed to buy the strategy guide. Thank you to my parents for seeing the importance of buying the then overpriced strategy guide.

2. Bloodsport (VHS): I really like Bloodsport.

1. X-Men #1 / Wolverine #1: No surprise this was the most impressive find. There were tons of other comic books alongside these, all of which were in protective sleeves and in generally good condition.  (Pictured below)

Honorable Mention: Assorted pogs and slammers


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