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That Time Jean-Claude Van Damme Bit Off a Rattlesnake’s Tail

When Hard Target Is On, You Watch Hard Target

Last night I stumbled onto Hard Target on FX just as the opening credits started rolling. It’s really great when things like this happen.

If you’ve dropped by the Couch Petito before you know (I mean, you must) that I’m quite the JCVD fan, so if and when Hard Target is on TV — or any Jean-Claude Van Damme movie for that matter — I  am watching it. The movie as a whole is 90’s action at its finest, but one particular scene towards the end of the movie remains an unforgettable moment in Hollywood history. On foot and with a group of thugs on his trail, the stunningly mulleted Chance Beadreaux decides to plant a trap as he evades capture in the bayous of Louisiana.

As the article headline suggests, this is no ordinary trap. He finds a rattlesnake on a nearby tree and, after saving his female companion from certain snake death, clenches his fist and proceeds to punch the rattlesnake in the head. Curiously, his female companion asks what he’s doing — as valid a question as one could ask considering what is unfolding, to which he replies, “I’m leaving a little surprise for our friends.”

Since no rattlesnake trap is complete without its tail being bitten off for the element of surprise, well, he then does exactly that.

Have a look for yourself:

Generally speaking, the trap really didn’t do much good, though I guess that doesn’t really matter much in the end; the thugs soon catch up to them and are swiftly disposed of in typical Van Damme fashion. Personally, I don’t think the rattlesnake deserved this.

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