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Behold, A Gorgeous Anthem Glitch That Almost Bricked My PS4

Anthem Gonna Anthem

Yes, I am still playing Anthem. I’m actually playing a lot less frequently now that I’ve done just about everything you can possibly do; including the challenge of valor, a quest line wholly devoid of challenge and valor.

The glitch started with the activity description disappearing during a stronghold, which wasn’t exactly a moment of surprise given the routine technical jankiness of Anthem. Next my friends’ names disappeared in-game, along with most of the ground below and around me.┬áThe game audio cut out for a few seconds but once it came back something happened that I’m still struggling to accurately describe.


The only thing I could think of at the time was why something as cool looking as this would be the result of glitchy code and not an actual area I can travel to in the game; I quickly snapped out of this tiny trance once my system became unresponsive. After a few minutes my PS4 continued relentlessly beeping and the fan kicked up as high as it possibly could. Unplugging the system was about the only thing I could do and, fortunately, the system kicked off and didn’t end up exploding.

As rad as that colorful screenshot above may be, for your sake, I hope you never end up seeing it.



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