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Sadly, This Is Still The Current State Of Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game is a lot of things, and it hurts to admit that a lot of those things are not good. Starting out, I didn’t mind looking past a lot of the game’s glaring problems; problems that ranged from hardly noticeable to making the game borderline unplayable. One moment a key item might disappear mysteriously from my inventory, the next moment I am levitating hundreds of feet above the campgrounds. In the game’s defense, there was never any expectation that Friday the 13th: The Game was going to be a masterpiece. There was, however, the safe assumption players made that the janky and broken things would be fixed over time.

One of those broken things is the notorious roof exploit where counselors can glitch themselves up to rooftops on certain maps. In some cases spamming the crouch button is enough to accomplish this. Alternatively, and very oddly, you can teleport onto rooftops by placing a bear trap in just the right doorway at Packanack Lodge and running toward a rock.  As far as I know, Jason isn’t capable of reaching any of these rooftops—even by replicating the camp counselor method—so getting up there as a counselor basically guarantees victory if Jason doesn’t quit the match. If you’re interested, here are two bozos dancing on a roof after pulling off the glitch successfully.

I booted the game back up recently hopeful that things may have gotten better.  Out of five matches I played three of them ended with people glitching onto rooftops. As a result of these glitches, common objectives like acquiring gas and car batteries, and restoring power and calling the police—the core mechanics that make the game fun and interesting—get sidelined in place of exploits that ruin the entire experience of the game and should have been fixed years ago. Sadly, it seems as though things have gotten exponentially worse for Friday the 13th: The Game. Since I won’t be playing ever again, here is a video walkthrough on how to perform the bear trap roof glitch. At this point doing anything besides this exploit seems pointless, so knock yourself out.






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