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It’s October, So Let’s Shout Out Some Horror [Them]

I had originally planned on doing a 31 days of horror; one post a day shouting out a horror movie I like and recommend. The new plan is still similar to the first one, but with a significantly lower degree of posting frequency — this is a plan much more grounded in reality compared to that crazy first plan.

First up, Them (Ils). This home invasion thriller out of France is somewhat of a spiritual predecessor to The Strangers, which released in the U.S. just two years later. Them tries to scare you in refreshingly different ways versus its American successor—and most horror movies for that matter—leaning more on tension and ambiguity over your typical splatter and jump scares; the things that aren’t shown in Them are arguably the things that make it so great. Short and sweet with a 76-minute runtime, Them is streaming right now on Amazon Prime Video. Go watch it.

Trailer —>








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