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It’s October, So Let’s Shout Out Some Horror [Macabre]

I was dangerously close to publishing this the day after I pushed the Them post out, which would have directly contradicted my expressed lack of commitment to writing about one horror movie per day this month. Perhaps the creative juices were flowing, but I couldn’t risk people thinking my account was hacked and taken over by someone that knows how to run a blog.

Next up on the list of nonconsecutive horror shout-outs is Macabre. This one seemed like an ideal candidate for a follow-up post in that it couldn’t be more dissimilar from Them. I talked briefly about Them last week — a horror movie that, to me, is the gold standard of splatter-free horror. That being said, you should now have a pretty clear idea of what kind of horror movie Macabre is. Another foreign flick, Macabre was born out of a short written and directed by the Mo Brothers (Timo Tjahjanto, Kimo Stamboel) that first appeared in Takut: Faces of Fear; an Indonesian horror anthology spotlighting six up and coming directors.

Fortunately, Tjahjanto and Stamboel would go on to make more really good things. Their 2015 psychological thriller, Killers, caught genre critics attention. The duo is also responsible for the standout V/H/S 2 segment, Safe HavenMacabre might be really over the top in terms of splatter, but what movie is truly complete without a female-led chainsaw >< samurai sword standoff?

Trailer –>



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