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Some Important Quarantine Entertainment Courtesy of Jean-Claude Van Damme

I know what you’re thinking, so yes, pretty much all roads lead to Jean-Claude Van Damme here at the Couch Petito. So much so that we’re likely one (maybe two) posts away from becoming a full-blown JCVD fan site; something I swore I would never let happen. I’m going to do my best to hit the brakes on the Van Damme stuff, but there are an increasing number of reasons for me not do that, so we’ll likely remain in this state of perpetual limbo and uncertainty together (for now).

Some time Sunday in between pacing back and forth in my living room and staring out the window counting leaves on trees I headed over to the JCVD YouTube channel, as I often do. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve stopped by, but his channel is basically him traveling around to different cons, meetings fans, and for some strange reason, teaching martial arts classes at Facebook HQ. I had called out his Facebook Live feed in my post about things from 2019 that were really good, where he’s done everything from streaming himself doing roundhouse kicks on commercial airplanes, to dancing with his dogs to his movie soundtracks. Unfortunately, very little of his Facebook Live content makes it over to the official YouTube page, but a few of them did, so here’s a quick look at some of the JCVD World YouTube content pre-quarantine:

Since his channel is mostly him out on the move doing cool stuff — and all cool stuff is pretty much canceled until further notice — I figured he wouldn’t be up to very much right now, but I was wrong. Overall I’m not sure which video I like more, and in the end I don’t really need to decide, but I definitely like the second one more.

Stay safe,


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