A Gary Busey Point Break Action Figure Just Sold For $425 On Ebay

Welcome back to the Couch Petito, a poorly run website currently about Point Break action figures—until next time, when it is about something else. Let’s get right to it with a list I found of some events in history on October 3rd, in ascending order of importance.

3 Oct, 1942: USA Scrap Days – All across the country an initiative called “scrap days” encouraged every American to donate scraps of clothing and metal in a new war effort. Scraps provided, such as old keys, were used in the construction of tanks, guns, and ships.

3 Oct, 1955: The Mickey Mouse Club – “The Mickey Mouse Club” begins on ABC. The show featured a regular but ever-changing cast of teenage performers in a variety show format for kids.

3 Oct, 1961: USA Auto Strike – The United Auto Workers calls for a company wide strike against Ford Motor Company

3 Oct, 1985: Space Atlantis – The space shuttle Atlantis was launched on its maiden voyage, carrying two military communications satellites in a mission dedicated to the US Department of Defense.

3 Oct, 1995: OJ Simpson Verdict – Former football player and actor OJ Simpson is found not guilty for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman

3 Oct, 2020: Angelo Pappas Action Figure – The existence of a Point Break action figure is confirmed. The action figure is of Angelo Pappas, and it comes with two meatball sandwiches. The action figure sells for $425 USD on ebay.

It’s one thing for a Point Break action figure to exist. It’s another thing for that Point Break action figure to be an Angelo Pappas figure. It’s another different, weird, hilarious, and fairly indescribable thing for that action figure to come with two meatball sandwiches. While I’m pretty disappointed I came nowhere close to winning the bid, it’s comforting to see that commerce is alive and well during these trying times.

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